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Dr.Sofa Automated Booking and Dispatching Assistant

Hello! I’m here to assist you in booking our services online. Before we start, please, choose one of the following services & enter your location.

What is the Dr.Sofa Online Booking Assistant?

Here, at Dr. Sofa, we are doing our best to make our customers happy. To save your time and assist you in making an online booking for any of our services, we now introduce our Dr. Sofa online booking assistant. It provides a smooth connection between you and our technical department and helps to schedule and arrange furniture services dispatch promptly, reliably and effectively.

Dr.Sofa’s self-booking service eminently focuses on home service on-demand

Our online assistant will help you order some of our services online and get the precise cost estimates

Our technicians administer trustworthy, dependable, and punctual assistance to our customers